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Dear Art Lovers & Friends,

Our next exhibition (27 March to 16 April 16) at The Art Gallery, Penang will showcase some 30+ works by our Malaysian veteran artist,
Lee Long Looi.
For this exhibition, we will be publishing a 64-page hardcover book titled “Mini-Retrospective of Lee Long Looi - 1972 
to 2016” which presents some of the most beautiful genres of fine art.  Dr Tan stated “Lee ranks amongst the best in a class above the rest”.

His works contain elements of his Chinese or Asian heritage combined with Western art techniques and aesthetics, resulting in a style
uniquely his own. His paintings are dominated predominantly by messages of joy, peace and harmony. As a retrospective exhibition,
we will show his works from 1972 to 2016. This book is now in the eBook format which is attached below as a Draft for your viewing
pleasure and appreciation of the evolution of Lee’s art over these 45 years.

To view his e-book, please click here,