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Dear Valuable clients and Art Lovers,

Our Gallery will be holding an exhibition on “The Art of Khaw Sia” from 17 May to 14 June 2015.  The preview is on Sunday 17 May at 12 noon;  and on this day Dr. Tan will be launching his booklet “How to Authenticate Khaw Sia’s paintngs”.

Please see below for details of the opening day and preview. After the preview, viewing is by appointment only.

At this exihibition we are presenting 7 different series of Khaw Sia’s works as follows:

1. The Orchid Series
2. The Still Life Series
3. The Heritage & Line Shading Series
4. The landscape Series influenced by Sir Russell Flint
5. The Refined landscape series (just before his demise in 1984)
6. The Orchid Study Series
7. Khaw Sia’s Comics

All of the above works can be found in Dr. Tan’s book entitled “The Art of Khaw Sia & Kuo Ju Ping”.  Khaw Sia is one of the Malaysian Pioneer artists who had contributed a major role in Malaysian art movements in the early days of 1940s-1960s. Born in China in 1913, he studied in Shanghai and also studied under Sir Russell Flint in England. He emigrated to Penang, Malaysia in 1937 and actively participated in several international exhibitions and received several awards including from Paris and London. Khaw Sia’s works are now entering the Hong Kong and China market via Christies Hong Kong.

Many of us, as art collectors are very fortunate that we are able to enjoy the many nostalgic old Malaysian scenary in the 1940s-60s era as Khaw Sia has captured old heritage structures & buildings on paper. Due to Khaw Sia’s passion in orchid breeding/cultivation, many orchid lovers, are now able to benefit from the pleasures of his beautiful orchid paintings. His still life works are spectacular and so are his landscape series which are now slowly but surely gaining popularity among art collectors as they become aware that his prices are still very affordable for Pioneers old masters’ works.

Khaw Sia’s contemporaries (eg. Liu Kang, XuBeiHong) were highly appreciative of his talents and his works, Many collectors old and new are now beginning to realise the importance of our Malaysian Pioneers’ artists’ works to complete their collection. There will come a time when more collectors are aware that prices for old masters pioneer works can only go one way, that is upwards, when the stocks supply are dwindling and demand are increasing.

For those who are interested to consider acquiring Khaw Sia’s works or add more of his works to their collection, now is a good time as Dr. Tan is offering attractive offers for this exhibition period only. Please go to our website to view many of his works and or visit our gallery, or give me a call if you have any enquiries about his works.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends at our Preview day. Thank you