ART Heals the Heart Exhibition 2019

Art Heals the Heart

“Art Heals the Heart” is the theme chosen by seven artist buddies from Penang who share the passion for art. They are Goh Lay Fong, Lee Pey Huey, Lim Li Sar, Ng Siew Teng, Teoh Mooi Huang, Teoh Siew Khim and Tang Yeok Khang (the thorn among the roses). This exhibition features 26 paintings of primarily acrylic or/and oil medium and each artist’s expression and representation of their interpretations on how art heals the heart.

Do download the e-catalogue of “Art Heals the Heart” for your own viewing pleasure.

Exhibition Period

1st December till 15th December 2019

Opening Hours

2.00 – 5.00 pm from Fridays to Sundays (Other times, by appointments only)

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