Lotus Tales: Da Niu 1st Solo Exhibition

Lotus Tales: Da Niu 1st Solo Exhibition

The Art Gallery is delighted to present to you Lotus Tales: Da Niu’s 1st Solo Exhibition 2023. “Da Niu (大牛)” is actually a pet name of Mr Khor Chang Kheng. He grew up in Alor Setar. His father was known as “Niu” describing him as a hardworking “cow” on the paddy field and “Da” means big as the artist is the eldest in the family. Hence the given name “Da Niu”. Da Niu is a self-taught artist with a talent of producing photorealism oil paintings on canvas. This exhibition is titled Lotus Tales as out of a total of 21 paintings, half of this exhibition consist of lotus paintings, divided into two series, namely “Hosba Story (for his father)” and “Blue Dream (for his daughter)”.

The remaining 11 paintings are of other subject matters such as water lilies, arowana fish, betta fish and many others. Da Niu has gone through a lot of heartaches in his life but he persevered and instead transformed his sadness into beautiful hyperrealism paintings that bring joy to all.

Do visit the exhibition preview of Lotus Tales by Da Niu to view his paintings. Also, the published catalogue of Lotus Tales: 1st Solo Exhibition by Da Niu is available for purchase.

Exhibition Period

25 June till 16 July 2023

Opening Hours

Friday to Sunday: 2.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. *Other times, by appointment only.

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