Precious by The Art Gallery Penang

“Precious” Group Exhibition, 2022

In conjunction with George Town Festival 2022, The Art Gallery is delighted to showcase an art exhibition entitled “Precious”. “Precious” is the theme chosen as during the Covid-19 pandemic, many things have come up to our realisation that we may have miss or forgotten. “Precious” relates to something, some moment or some place that is very meaningful to the artist and each of them created artworks that reflect on what is important to them or became important to them during this pandemic.

This exhibition features 25 artworks of various medium (such as Acrylic on Canvas, Batik on Cloth, Ballpen on Paper, Ceramic with Iron Rod, Chinese ink on Rice paper, Oil on Canvas, Oil on jute, Watercolour on paper), produced by ten artists’ expression and inspiration that they had during this pandemic. The ten artists are Da Niu (Kedah), Ethen Ng (Penang), Jason Min (Penang), Koay Sheng Tat (Penang), Lim Anuar (Kuala Lumpur), Lim Jee Yuen (Kuala Lumpur), Maizul Affandy (Selangor), Tan Yu Kai (Penang), Thanesh Kichi (Selangor) and Tim Teh (Penang).

Do visit the exhibition preview of “Precious” or download the e-catalogue of “Precious” for your own viewing pleasure.

Exhibition Period

25 June till 17 July 2022

Opening Hours

Friday to Sunday: 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. *Other times, by appointment only.


  1. Visiting Hours: 2 to 6pm from Friday to Sunday (Other times, by appointments only)
  2. Only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter
  3. Visitors may be required to show your MySejahtera Covid free status upon entry
  4. No entry is allowed if individuals are experiencing symptoms such as cough, high temperature, sore-throat and any other flu-like symptoms

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